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Therapy Cards: The Tree

Tree cards box set ערכת קלפי העץ

Pictures of trees for evaluation and therapeutic dialogue - discovering the sources of pain and pleasure

The Tree therapy cards pack structure:

The pack of therapy cards: “The Tree” contains 27 cards.

Each card is illustrated by variations of the same tree.

Price: 45$ (35£) | Delivery: 9$ (7£)

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The Tree Of Life Therapy Cards

For literary convenience, the terms patient and therapist represent teacher, counselor, coach, student, client, tutor, or participant.

What are the benefits of working with therapy cards?

This set of illustrated cards was created to enable communication between therapist and patient via the pictures on them. The patient’s interpretation of the cards can be a valuable aid to understanding his inner workings as the pictures evoke a range of feelings and thoughts which can result in fruitful dialogue between them.

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