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Therapy Cards: People

People cards box set ערכת קלפי אנשים

Visual images that allow the observer to have an internal and external dialogue - to discover the sources of pain and pleasure

People therapy cards pack structure:

The pack of therapy cards: “People” contains 30 cards.

Each one presents two figures or more with an interaction between them.

Price: 45$ (35£) | Delivery: 9$ (7£)

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Images made from clay, photographed for assessment and therapeutic dialogue in therapy sessions.

The cards can be used in therapy sessions, supervisors, teacher, with clients, pupils and any interaction that wishes to evoke communication.

The cards have been tested and found to be helpful; they have been introduced to Art Therapy students at “Seminar Hakibuzim” Israel, and other institutes of Psychotherapy for therapists and councilors.

The positioning options of different visual figures in front of the patient enable him to have an internal and external dialogue. In the meeting of client and therapist a dialogue through work with the cards enriches them and increases diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. The exposure to figures for whom the patient is not responsible: what they consist of, their condition, physically or emotionally, where they stand (the space they consume), and who made them, enables the client the freedom to relate to himself and the therapist and reveal his inner self in a non judgmental manner, as far as he is able and to expose himself to the extent he wishes and understands himself.

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