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About Me

ליאורה סוטו ושחפים Leora Sotto and seaguls


BFA, 'Bezalel' Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, (specializing in sculpture).

Art Therapy - Haifa University, Certificate of Approval by the Israeli Health Department.

Professional experience:

Art Therapist in various public health centers and a private practice in Israel and on line. 

Working with individuals and families.

 A Lecturer in Art Therapy for trainee Art Therapists (Seminar Hakibuzim-Tel Aviv). Also teaching courses and seminars in other art therapy programs as well as to the General Public.



A children's book: Fear, Anger and loneliness went out for a walk 

(author and illustrator). Zimzon Publication 1997


A book on Art Psychotherapy: Being in Touch,

'Pardes' Publications, 2008


A novel: Therapy: Navigating in deep waters

(not in a goldfish bowl), 2018


Case study and theory: Polotics-Therapy-Love,

"Community-self" - a key for understanding the clinical process.

Resling Publication, 2021


(All books are available in Hebrew only).

Therapy Cards:

The Tree  |  People  |  Fantasy Animals


Leora has been sculpting all her life mainly with clay, exhibiting in five different group exhibitions in Israel and USA.

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