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The photos were taken from a selection of workshops that I gave to a diverse number of groups: for children, students and the general public, for women only, to an Israeli - Palestinian group and others.

Even if the group is seemingly humongous, each participant is an individual with different needs and strengths. Therefore, when working with groups I tend to be cautious, more than when I work one on one. So, first of all I'll try and create an atmosphere of "play" (Winnicott) and creativity.


It can take place through the verbal language, or the material and paint language, through work with therapy cards or guided imagery.


Because we are creatures that live in group formats,  a workshop can explore the position we take in our daily lives. Each workshop has its own unique dynamic that emerges from the different individuals that have come together.

In each workshop a hierarchy will develop unique to that group, with power relations that are obvious or disguised, momentarily or on going. Therefore, and especially with short term workshops, raising conflicts will be done, if at all, with much sensitivity.


As a therapist and facilitator, my first and foremost goal must be to make sure that each participant will feel secure when they leave and go on to their daily life and activities.

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