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To look after the patient, to reach out to them. 
To use the verbal language, materials and paints.
To revive what's possible, to relinquish when needed.
To walk the therapeutic trail, to remove stray weeds, and sow new seeds.

טיפול רגשי בילדים מתבגרים ומבוגרים
Working with clay
art therapy room

As an art therapist I offer my clients "food" as I'd offer to friends and family that visit my home.


At times we will talk about complex background dynamics; the psycho-dynamic approach. On other occasions we will try and find ways to tackle a specific problem; the behavioral approach.

All these approaches with empathy, containing, mirroring, creating boundaries and others, will be adapted and implemented to the extent necessary. 

We will work with the verbal language, materials and/or paint, depending on what suits the client's needs.

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Art therapy: collage
פסיכותרפיה באמצעות חומרים וצבעים: קולאז
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Art therapy materials
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